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Our Daycare Services

If you would like to enroll your child at one of our daycare centers you'll need to fill out our enrollment form (see: „downloads / Anmeldung / Formulare / enrollment Form“).


Starting may 2021 you will need to enroll your child online via a webbased platform provided by the public administration. This applies to all daycare centers in bremen. 


Parents who'd like to enroll their child will have to pay a fee - according to the Laws and regulations of the government and public administration in Bremen (Bremische Beitragsordnung). the amount due depends on your family's income. For the services at our daycare facilities we charge a fixed amount. Parents who are unable to pay that fee can apply for an individual calculation and subsidy at the „elternbeitragsstelle“ (we will provide you with the form). you will need to submit your income statements, proof of public assistance, birth-certificates, ID’s and residence permits/Asylum grant, etc. to apply for the subsidy. it is important to apply early due to the processing time neccesary at that public administrative office!


Daycare limitations due to the Corona pandemic

the government in bremen and the secretary of education have decided to limit access to daycare centers from february 1st until february 14th to those parents who cannot work out of their home and have no access to any other form of care for their children and to those families who receive family services from the department of family and children services (Jugendamt).


if one of those conditions apply to your family situation, please contact your daycare center.